School Free Distribution

We are very excited to be changing our strategy from distributing an Illustrated Gospel, to instead providing these students with their first personal Bible which will last for many years to come. These kids are about 12-13 years old (7th grade) and at an age where they can benefit from having their own complete Bible to use throughout the next years. Many of us older believers have that first special Bible that we received about that time, and used through High School and even College years. In line with this objective, we are proposing the Hard Cover version, which will ensure a lasting resource, as opposed to the cheaper soft-cover edition.

Also essential to this aim, is to provide a few extra helps to encourage and facilitate engagement.  Along with the additional appendixes already in this Bible, we will include an introduction and a reading plan with the Bible.  Furthermore, a Mobile App will be developed with the express purpose of motivating these students to use their Bibles, to check off the reading of the day and answer questions on the passage.  It will be further developed to include options for focused reading plans on one specific book or topic, etc.  The beauty of this Mobile App is that is can be used by anyone elsewhere in the world, in any country, to encourage young teens to read their Bibles. 

The goal is to make a spiritual impact on 80,000 nominal Christian 7th grade students (age 12-13) by providing them with their own personal hard-cover Bible which will last with them for many years to come.  For marginalized children to be recognized and singled out to be given a valuable gift at this impressionable age makes a great and positive impact on these students and on their families as well. A Specialized Reading Plan and Mobile App will encourage Bible engagement and effect a deepened faith. This distribution, done mainly through the local church, establishes contact between these students and their families (many of whom are un-churched) with the local church.  Students and their families are also connected with the Bible Society, where they can find further Scripture resources and benefit from various other projects. This project also serves to advance BSOE’s church relations and has a significant impact in increasing local donations here in Egypt.