Bible Competition

Each summer we would like to repeat our successful Summer Church-wide Bible Competition to encourage systematic Bible Study, resulting in in-depth knowledge of God’s Word and deliberately challenging thousands of primary students, age 9-12, to obey God’s Word. IN 2019, we plan to serve 168,000 children.

We are also seeking to introduce an inter-church Quiz show competition aspect based on the booklet.  We expect to serve about 25,000 children in 12 events. 

These children, a marginalized minority in society, are the future leaders of the Egyptian Church, the largest and most significant Christian presence in the MENA region. 33% of the current population of Egypt is under the age of 15, which means there are 3 to 4 million young Christian children in this age range, a minority that is constantly bombarded by hostile and intimidating messages from their context, a society  that is in the process of increasing polarization and radicalization on one hand, and yet a growing atheism and globalization on the other!