In His Image – Church Festivals Event

A team from the Bible Society will attend 4-5 major Coptic Festivals throughout Egypt to access thousands of Christian young people in one place for the space of 4 days per festival, reaching a total of about 60,000 young people . Millions of people attend these festival each year. Our focus is teenagers and college-age kids. We will set up a large tent and provide Scripture-based drama and talent competition and activities.

Many Churches will be involved with us, providing special drama presentations, music, and help with the talent competition. The name of this 4 day initiative is: “In His Image.” We have attended Coptic festivals for over 20 years now, placing book tables, and in recent years, doing Kingo events for children. We have experience and understanding of the situation and the opportunities available in this setting. We have gained full trust and support of the church in our involvement at these festivals.