A Changed Man


A Changed Man

A few years ago, Adel (not his real name) walked into our Alexandria bookshop. It was obvious to all he was angry and looking for trouble. Aggressively flipping through products on display, he asked a salesman,”Why do you print these Bibles in Korea? Do you give them away? Is this part of some American plot?”

Our salesman Rafik patiently answered all his questions, remaining calm and friendly despite the intimidation.

Adel said in a sharp voice, “Give me one of those free Bibles you’re passing out!”

Rafik explained that we don’t pass out free Bibles. All are for sale.

“Then give me one as a gift!” he demanded.

In a calm voice, Rafik told him that he could purchase one if he wanted.

“I don’t want anything,” Adel screamed and stormed out, slamming the door behind him. However, he came back a short time later and purchased the least expensive Bible available.

Fast forward the story a few years later to 2012…

Adel entered our bookshop in Cairo and browsed through the products on display. Then he told his story to our salesman, “I went to the Bible Society bookshop in Alexandria several years ago and was very rude. I tried my hardest to start a quarrel, but the salesman’s responses were patient and kind. I took that Bible home and read it. And today, I am a changed man.”