Family Distribution Program

Thousands of churches, ministries, and individuals in Egypt are actively reaching out with the Good News, and depend on the BSE as their supplier of suitable materials. This project is specifically providing subsidy for the three most distributed items in outreach throughout Egypt: our small sized ‘missionary editions’ of the Bible and NT, and Scripture Selections. Each year, special selections are prepared for Christmas and/or Easter, to address major current events, and to address specific needs of the youth.

Our regular pricing formula provides these Scriptures at a 20% discount on the retail price to reach the wholesale price. Special offers and subsidy is often made on top of this. Over 50% of the people in Egypt live below the poverty line. BSE is the cheapest place to buy the Scriptures. Because people realize that BSE products are sold below the real costs, they are encouraged to give donations to the BSE in return. Both the NT and the Selections are often bought in bulk for distribution.