Kingo Festivals and Bible World

Kingo Festivals

Kingo the loveable lion and his furry friends teach Biblical virtues and introduce children to the greatest book of all – the Bible! Kingo began as a video series called Kingsley’s Meadows, produced by the American Bible Society.

Bible World

Bible World is designed to help Egyptian youth better understand just what the Bible is, how it came to be, and why we can trust it. Christian Egyptians grow up facing a barrage of criticism of the Bible, being told that it has been corrupted! Many lack the understanding and resources to build confidence in the historicity and reliability of the Biblical text.

The goal of Bible World is to build up a generation who will not only trust God’s Word, but who appreciate the need for Bible translation around the world.

The Arabic Bible being used by Egyptians is very difficult to understand. It is one of the oldest Bibles in use today, and there is a reluctance to update the 145-year-old Bible Society Bible to modern Standard Arabic.

The series creatively links Bible stories to practical Christian values, such as perseverance, self control, respect, and dependability. In response to the wonderful feedback and effectiveness of the video series, the Bible Society of Egypt began doing Kingo Festivals. Through music, storytelling, puppets, and drama, Kingo delivers a first-rate show that is full of fun.


Through Kingo Festivals, God’s Word is made relevant to typical situations children face every day.


Since 2005, over 900 Kingo Festivals have provided more than 850,000 children nationwide with valuable training in replacing worldly values with Biblical ones.

Bible World is designed to inspire within these children a passion to have God’s Word in their own heart language.

The Bible World tour takes children on an interactive journey of discovery. They learn about the inspiration of the Bible, the printing process and need for new translations. They also learn about the significance of recent manuscript discoveries. The tour ends with a fun Bible quiz!

Bible World was opened in the fall of 2008. In the following years, over 25,000 visitors have taken the Bible World tour. As word spreads, Bible World is slowly gaining momentum.

We have added a new tour track for teenagers. Now we’re hoping to develop a tour for small children, aged 3-9. This will require new videos and narration to bring the information to a much younger audience. Bible World needs your help. In order to keep the entrance fee low and affordable to all, there is an ongoing need to subsidize the running costs. Would you join with us?

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