Arabic Study Bible

A New Arabic Study Bible!

Produced in 1865, the Arabic Van Dyck Bible translation is one of the oldest Bibles in common use today. It is by far the most read and most trusted translation in Egypt and the Arab world. However, the Arabic vocabulary is difficult.

Much of it is obsolete or archaic. And because of the conservative context in which she exists, the Egyptian Church is generally opposed to new translations.

That’s why the Bible Society of Egypt is working to provide a complete and thorough Study Bible. It will contain all necessary background and linguistic information to make the ancient text more understandable.

Work began in 1999. The New Testament was published in 2006. Within 2 weeks, the initial 10,000 copy print-run was sold out! Since then, approximately 65,000 copies have sold. Naturally, eager customers are asking, “When will the Old Testament be completed and the entire Study Bible published?”

That’s why we need your help.

We are hoping to publish the complete Study Bible in 2016, but we need donors who will cover the ongoing development costs. Would you consider partnering with us to provide this treasure of background information to thousands of pastors, students, church leaders and Bible readers around the Arabic-speaking world? For more information, write to