The Bible Society of Egypt exists to make the Scriptures available to all at an affordable price. We are the largest publisher of Arabic Bibles in the world.

Each year, our full-time staff of 220 produces and distributes creative Scripture materials in a variety of formats and media. We seek out creative and non-traditional means of reaching people through participation in book fairs, exhibitions, festivals, and the placement of outlets in shopping malls, holiday resorts and other seasonal locations. We even offer free home delivery!

We also provide Scriptures for the disabled, prisoners and refugees. Braille Bibles and DVDs are provided for the blind and sign language Scriptures for the deaf.

Our post-literacy program, with curriculum based on Bible texts, has over 15,000 learners involved. Due to such rates of illiteracy in Egypt, we also offer audio dramas and videos which translate God’s Word into the heart language of Egyptians.

While local donors and churches throughout Egypt continue to generously support our work, it is not enough to cover the increasing expense, effort, and subsidy required for marketing and distributing the Bible.

That’s why we need your help!

Our Projects


Special Scriptures Distributions

The Bible Society delivers God’s Word to the nation by responding quickly to events of grave national and international concern.


New Cross Reference Bible

Great for personal study, local congregations, study groups, and masses that are reached through Christian satellite broadcasting.


Arabic Study Bible

The new Arabic study bible will make ancient text more understandable. Help us achieve our goal.


Adopt a Bookshop!

Our network of 14 Bible Society bookshops is crucial for providing the Bible to Egypt. They make God’s Word easily accessible.


Make Bibles Affordable

Your donations will make bibles affordable and accessible. Join us today to help spread the Word of God.


Kingo Festivals and Bible World

Kingo, the loveable lion, introduces children to the Bible! In addition, Bible World is designed to help Egyptian youth understand the Bible.